About Us

Creating functional spaces that fit your unique lifestyle.

We understand the importance of providing solutions that create harmony and natural circulation in your home while also embodying your own personal style. We can help you design a space that serves all of your needs, visually and interactively.

Our team at LHD are devoted to ensuring our clients feel confident, comfortable and stress free throughout the entirety of their renovation process.

Meet our Team

Lauren Hesse


Lauren’s guiding light for LHD is centred around how she approaches any project with her clients. “We focus on holistic design that is built for real life”.⁠⁠
Her passion for creating beautiful spaces that fit people’s lives comes through with every project. She has an art & architectural history degree in addition to studying interior design and architectural technology for a total of 9 years of post-secondary education and almost 20 years of experience. ⁠⁠
“My educational background allows me to view a building in its various contexts of time. I pay homage to those times as a base while improving upon them to meet contemporary living standards and styles.” 

“When connecting with a new client, the first thing I do is look to understand where they are in their life stage and then identify how to make the space function perfectly for their lifestyle. I build the design for every specific client based on these pillars, plus their unique style preferences.”⁠⁠
Her inspiration comes from some of the greatest history has to offer. “I’ve always been inspired by history, whether great architects like Frank Lloyd Wright or Gaudi, or artistic groups like the Group of 7 and the European Impressionists —there’s a takeaway from their visual rhetoric that’s relevant to both their time and our own. We need to glean and learn from the past before we can move forward.”

Yasmin Khosravi

Junoir Designer

Yasmin has been working along side Lauren for the past year and has been in the industry for a few years now. She has always had a fascination for design and how it has the ability to create positive and memorable experiences. When she’s not utilizing design as a creative outlet, painting would be her choice of expression.​

Jinje Shin


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Our Values

At LDH, we value the quality of our client’s experience. It is of most importance that our team embodies LHD’s core values to ensure client satisfaction/happiness?


We aim to establish trust between our team and clients through honest communication.


Every team member is essential for the efficiency of our work. Collectively, we can achieve any mission, goal and vision.


We take safety very seriously to ensure a healthy and comfortable environment for our team and clients.


We always aim to provide a high level of quality and precision.


We are committed to make certain that every detail throughout the project is up to LHD standards.


Our interior design studio is based in Toronto, and we take on projects in the GTA and Muskoka. For further locations, we offer a Distance Design Service.
The process starts with a consultation session to assess the project and give guidance on what you need; then, upon agreement, we start our four-phase design.
We are design-build experts offering full interior design services and specialize in helping busy professionals. You make the final decisions, and we do all the leg work.
Depending on the size of the project. We will be in each other’s lives for at least six months.
Yes, our hourly rates begin at $105 an hour for a Junior designer and $195 for a Senior Designer, and we markup 15% on purchases after our discount and 25% on trades.